CM Punk has arrived in AEW after seven years out of the wrestling business.

Punk had been rumoured to make his AEW debut for some time with the promotion dropping hints left and right in the weeks leading up to their second airing of Rampage.

Taking place in Punk's native Chicago, the crowd was hot from the get-go and AEW wasted no time in giving the fans what they wanted as Punk kicked-off the show.

A clearly overwhelmed Punk took in the tremendous ovation from the excited crowd. In no rush, Punk looked up in awe of the cheering masses with a glee in his eye. At one point, Punk launched himself into the crowd.

Punk shot a typically brilliant promo. Showing he hadn't lost a single ounce of power with the microphone in hand.

The former WWE champion said he understood why some fans may have felt disappointed by his absence over recent times.

Punk said he was never going to get healthy physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally in the place that got him sick in the first place. A cheeky dig at WWE.

He went on to tell the adoring Chicago crowd that he wasn't just here for a quick stay.

"Wednesdays, Fridays, four Sundays or Saturdays a year - I got the time, because I ain't going anywhere," said Punk.

In another dig at his former employers, Punk said he was thrilled to return to professional wrestling for the first time since 2005- when he left Ring of Honour.

Punk is set to appear on Dynamite this week, with his first match set for the All Out pay-per-view where Punk challenged Derby Allin to a match. That show, on September 5th, will take place in Chicago.

Speaking after the show, Punk said he was in AEW to help where he can and perform.

"I don't really know if you want to know how the sausage is made," said Punk.

"One of the biggest appeals of AEW looks like they show up, have a good time. You don't want to know the terms of my contract. Just know that I'm here.

"It's not a short-term thing and I'm here to help anyone that wants help.”

AEW President Tony Khan said after the show that Punk's deal with the company wasn't "short-term or part-time".

"We're going to be doing this for a while. We're excited," said Khan.

"This isn't a short-term thing or a part-time thing. This is full-time and we’re very excited."