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What makes the perfect WWE superstar?

Looking back at history, the big names all have elements to their name that makes them stand out. From their entrance and music, their charisma on the microphone and their in-ring work.

We look at all these aspects and try to build our own ultimate WWE superstar.


There are so many iconic entrances and theme songs in WWE and pro-wrestling history. Almost all the all-time greats had memorable entrances.

For the sake of this article, we will be choosing one wrestler's entrance and theme, rather than two separate.

The best entrance music is the one that makes the crowd pop, and what bigger pop than the one that followed the famous glass shatter.

The glass shatter of non-other than 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

One of the most iconic names in the business was at the forefront of what some would say the golden era of professional wrestling, the Attitude Era.

His theme song 'I Won't Do What You Tell Me' was no-nonsense, just like his character and even his entrance, just marching down to the ring to kick some ass.

Every time his music hit and he walked down the ramp, everyone knew what would follow.

Another entrance that could have been chosen was the American Badass Undertaker's motorcycle entrance. All entrances with a vehicle are awesome, but Austin would sometimes enter on an ATV quad bike, so that ticks that box.

Mic Skills

Generally, to make a big name for yourself, particularly in WWE, you should know how to cut a good promo.

Some of the best mic workers of all time include the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho and CM Punk. More recently Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) in AEW has made strides due to his promo work.

The name we're going with shouldn't surprise too many as he would most likely be the choice for most people. The Rock.

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Before appearing on the big screen, Dwayne Johnson was throwing it down in a wrestling ring as The Rock.

The most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment didn't get that nickname by accident. One of the most dynamic superstars ever, The Rock would talk trash better than anyone else at the time.

He would even cut promos mid-match, grabbing a commentators headset and talk trash. You could give The Brahma Bull a broomstick and he'd entertain the fans.


Not including signatures or finishers, our wrestler will have the move-set of Cesaro. The Swiss Superman has one of the most unique move-sets in the WWE.

The man can wrestle like a cruiserweight, a heavyweight and a technician. He has all the moves to work any style.

Pulling off feats of strength like the gut-wrench suplex or slam or dazzling displays of agility with springboards and even a Swiss One-Nine, his own version of Rey Mysterio's 619.

The base of his repertoire is the European uppercut, and while that seems boring, with Cesaro, it isn't.

He can deliver the attack in a variety of ways. Standing in place, barrelling toward his opponent at full speed, springboarding off the ropes and even throwing his opponent in the air and hitting them on the way down.

All wrestlers will tell you that the audience are the most important part of the job. Any move that can involve the crowd somehow is a hit.

Tag Team wrestling is a key part of the business, and Cesaro is a specialist in this field.

The seven-time WWE Tag Team Champion has a move set that translates perfectly to team matches, as evident by his work with Tyson Kidd, Sheamus and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Versatility is key, and that exactly describes Cesaro, and that is why the ultimate wrestler would possess the moves of the Swiss Cyborg.


While finishing moves get all the love in wrestling, signature moves are just as important.

At times they let you know a wrestler is gearing toward hitting their finisher soon, but they also help a superstar stand out.

Some signature moves aren't as impactful, as they directly lead into a finisher, such as John Cena's Five Knuckle Shuffle, while, others could believably end a match (sometimes they have), like a Chokeslam from The Undertaker.

We aim for the latter when choosing a signature move, and what's more impactful than Goldberg's Spear?

The Spear and variations of it, has been used by many wrestlers as a finisher, the likes of Edge, Rhyno and Roman Reigns come to mind. However, Goldberg has such as way of hitting it, that the match looks over.

His finisher, The Jackhammer, is just theatrics at that point.


Three letters... RKO.

Randy Orton's RKO is one of the most famous moves in WWE history. So famous that it became a viral internet phenomenon. With memes and even people hitting it themselves.

The RKO itself is known by people who don't follow wrestling as well.

Fame aside, the move itself has such an impact, like the Spear, the match looks done and dusted after it's hit.

Being able to hit "outta nowhere" means there are countless variations and ways to finish a match with just one move.

There is a reason Orton himself calls it the "three most dangerous letters in all of WWE."


Entrance: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Mic Skills: The Rock

Moveset: Cesaro

Signature: Goldberg's Spear

Finisher: Randy Orton's RKO

How would you build your ultimate WWE superstar?