Trying the build the best possible MMA fighter is a mighty task, but we take look at doing so. Using eight key attributes and traits, we've pieced together a hybrid using some of the best current fighters.



. Striking

. Power

. Chin

. Footwork

. Ground Game

. Wrestling

. Endurance

. Submission


Striking - Max Holloway

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Max Holloway calls himself the best boxer in UFC, and he very well may be. He is arguably the best overall striker.

Holloway is the first UFC fighter to reach 3000 total strikes ( and is the only person to complete 25 octagon appearances without getting knocked down.

Earlier this year, he also set the record for most significant strikes in a fight, with a whopping 445.

Names like Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya could have been here, but it's hard to ignore "Blessed" Holloway's record striking ability, where he almost fights like a boxer but has great use of his legs, sets up combinations and can go on the mat.

Power - Francis Ngannou

The power of reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou is too good to pass when creating a UFC 'Frankenstein'.

Embed from Getty ImagesNgannou holds the world record for most powerful punch, a punch that is equivalent to 96 horsepower. That is like being hit by a Ford Escort at full speed or an overhead hit by a sledgehammer at full force.

With a powerful punch like that from "The Predator", it would be smart to take his power.


Chin - Tony Ferguson

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When choosing a chin for the ultimate fighter, we would want one that can take a beating and still hold up. That is where Tony Ferguson comes in.

Ferguson can take a hiding, as evident in his UFC 249 loss to Justin Gaethje. Even though he lost in the fifth round to TKO, he was still standing.

Gaethje is known for knocking the lights out of opponents, and he was dropping bombs for five rounds. "El Cucuy" withstood every hit to stay standing at the end of the fight, shocking the MMA world.


Footwork - Dominick Cruz

Embed from Getty ImagesDominick Cruz is a master of footwork, he has several patterns of movement that he can switch up depending on his opponent.

"The Dominators" movement includes moving side-to-side and forward and back, opening up new angles on his opponent. It allows him to not only evade attacks but also set up his own.

Footwork is an important aspect to a fighter, as it helps both defensively and offensively, being able to master it goes a long way.

Ground Game - Islam Makhachev

In his last fight in October, Islam Makhachev took the battle to the ground after a bit over a minute, and at 2.25 minutes, he won the match.

After the tap out win, Makhachev said he has the best ground game in the lightweight division. He may very well be right.

Embed from Getty ImagesLike his mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russian is an expert grappler, but what distinguishes him is he is more methodical and patient. Keeping his distance and range before attempting a takedown.

Once he takes you down though, it's game time.


Wrestling - Khamzat Chimaev 

Embed from Getty ImagesThe undefeated Khamzat Chimaev has been making headlines for calling out many big names to meet him in the cage or on the wrestling mat.

Names that include former champions in Brock Lesnar, Daniel Cormier and Georges St-Pierre.

His confidence has to be commended, and could very well be one of the best wrestlers.

Chimaev recently beat Jack Hermansson in a freestyle wrestling match, weeks after his successful return to UFC after illness.

He has been wrestling since he was five, and was considered one of the best freestyle wrestlers in Sweden.

UFC President Dana White has said other fighters are genuinely afraid to fight the Russian born fighter.


Endurance - Alexander Volkanovski

Embed from Getty ImagesAbility to go the distance is important, especially in a fight that goes multiple rounds.

Alexander Volkanovski probably has one of the best engines in the UFC today.

In his latest fight, the Aussie showed incredible toughness and endurance to withstand Brian Ortega's early onslaught, to win.

The former rugby league player escaped two submissions in the third round to the surprise of fans.

He is being called superhuman after appearing to show no signs of tiredness.


Submission - Charles Oliveira 

Embed from Getty ImagesBeing able to master submissions makes you a dangerous proposition, and Charles Oliveira is one dangerous individual.

"Do Bronx" has 19 submission wins in MMA, 14 of them in the UFC, the most in company history. He also has the record for most finishes with 17.

The Brazilian is a killer and is dangerous due to the variety in his submission arsenal. He has won fights with eight different manoeuvres.

He has a reach of 74 inches, above average in his division, giving him an edge.

Unpredictable and diverse in his craft, we'd take the submission ability of Oliveira when building our ultimate UFC fighter.