WWE have announced several releases from its main roster, headlined by Aussie Shane Thorne.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp has confirmed that John Morrison, Top Dolla, Ashante Adonis, Isaiah Swerve Scott, Tegan Nox, Drake Maverick, Jaxson Ryker and Thorne have been released from the WWE.

Head of talent relations John Laurinaitis has cited budget cuts yet again for the releases, further seeing the WWE's revamp their roster due to financial strains.


Horne, who joined the WWE in 2016, most recently competed under the ring name Slapjack. He hadn't appeared on TV in months and took to Twitter to make light of the situation.

Thorne is just the latest Australian released from the WWE, with Bronson Reed, Buddy Murphy and The IIconics also released earlier this year.

All, with new names, have recently joined other promotions, with Reed, now Jonah, debuting for NJPW earlier this week.

Australia now has a strong representation in NJPW, with Murphy now Matthews debuting on the same show. Current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Robbie Eagles is also from NSW.

Morrison is the biggest name of the latest batch of cuts, and was in his second run with the company, returning in 2019 after his first stint from 2002-2011. Many fans online have shared their displeasure with the WWE's use of Morrison this year.

The former Intercontinental Champion's wife Taya Valkyrie (Frankie Monet) was also recently released. Valkyrie took to social media to tell her fans they'll be fine.

After Hit Row member B-Fabs' release weeks ago, the rest of the group are now gone too, with Top Dolla, Ashante Adonis and Isaiah Swerve Scott's termination.

The group recently joined Smackdown in the draft, and were a highly touted act, mixing hip hop culture with professional wrestling.

This brings questions of the WWE's decision to release superstars despite using them in storylines.

One name that will evoke emotions from fans would be Drake Maverick.

Maverick was originally released in April 2020 due to COVID budget cuts, and in the aftermath, he took to social media in an emotional video.

The former TNA X Division Champion was still part of a tournament and was allowed to see the rest of the tournament through.

The fan response to Maverick's release and his involvement in the Cruiserweight Title tournament led to the WWE re-hiring Maverick after he was originally supposed to only work the tournament.

He has yet again taken to social media in an emotional address.

20-year veteran Jaxon Ryker's four-year WWE run has come to an end, with many fans calling for it sooner, based off political beliefs.

Ryker, infamously shared his support for Donald Trump on Twitter during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Earlier in the day, Tegan Nox posted on her socials, sharing a post by Dakota Kai, saying "family isn't always blood". Perhaps foreshadowing an impending release.